Kings Park Psychiatric Center – Part Deux

Posted on February 27, 2016 by

In my last post, I mentioned how I visited Kings Park Psychiatric Center twice last summer. Well I’ve gone back again recently, and I got into two non-patient buildings which I thought were much more interesting. The first was building #6, which was a huge warehouse type building that hosted the power plant remains, and building […]

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Posted on December 26, 2015 by

Over the past year or so, I have become more interested in exploring abandoned buildings whenever I can. I’ve slowly been visiting places in the immediate NYC area, and I’m hoping to have a road trip upstate some time soon to visit more that are out of the way. One of the more easily accessible places […]

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Abandoned Brooklyn Warehouse

Posted on December 1, 2014 by

Recently I obtained entry into an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn that was almost as long as the block it resides on. Once inside, 90% of all of the walls in each of its four stories were covered in huge mural-sized tags and street art. I’ve dreamed of coming upon such a find, and I’m hoping it’s […]

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Air Guitar Qualifier 2014

Posted on May 5, 2014 by

After photographing the US Air Guitar east coast qualifier a few years ago, and having been to a few other qualifiers in the years since, I wanted to shoot the extreme airsicians again as whenever I attend I always have a great time, smiles abound. It’s also fun seeing many of the same faces compete […]

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Rocket From the Crypt

Posted on April 3, 2014 by

Last night I saw Rocket From the Crypt for the first time, and it was awesome. I bought Live From Camp X-Ray at Virgin Records in Times Square on a chorus field trip in high school to some musical I don’t think I ended up really enjoying. This was right around the time or just […]

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Competitive Winter Picnicking

Posted on January 19, 2014 by

Today I participated in my first ever winter picnic. However, it was a bit more interesting than your average summer picnic since this one happened to be competitive, and also costumed. From the organizers: Competitive Winter Picnicking was an idea that, over a serious of confusing text messages and phone calls, sort of sprang to […]

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Surplus Candy

Posted on January 18, 2014 by

The street artist Hanksy put together an art show in an abandoned lower east side building with a bunch of other street artists decorating whole or walls or rooms within different apartments spanning 3 stories. He made a vague post on Twitter about the show with the location, being an abandoned building and all, happening […]

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Bike Kill Bike Kill

Posted on November 4, 2012 by

BIKE KILLL!!!!! What an awesome name. I’ve seen photos from this event for years, and while I often ride a bike to get around in this city, I’m not really part of the bike scene. I thought this event was only for those in the Black Label bike gang, but this year I was privy […]

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