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BIKE KILLL!!!!! What an awesome name. I’ve seen photos from this event for years, and while I often ride a bike to get around in this city, I’m not really part of the bike scene. I thought this event was only for those in the Black Label bike gang, but this year I was privy to the location and it’s open to anyone to come and hang out, ride some bikes, and have a good time!

Black Label New York

There were some really fun bikes to try and ride, some of which were near impossible, some of which were dangerous if you fell (tall bikes!), and some that were just ridiculous, such as…

This crazy bike with an oil drum filled with bricks that said “SHUT THE FUCK UP” Needless to say this bike was pretty loud.



Big Bird super tall bike! A few people rode this one, it also came with a warning on it. Not sure how people got off without breaking an arm!


It was the Saturday before Halloween so some people came in costume


I didn’t ride this bike but another one similar to it, having the handlebar not connected to the rest of the bike is actually pretty difficult to ride!


Boot bike!!!


Another tall bike!


Caught this one on my phone, there were a few “surfing” type bikes which looked so cool


I saw someone riding this bike and it looked pretty fun, but clearly easier said than done! Here’s a photo my friend got of me taking a spill into the sidewalk, haha!


The event lasted at least 5 hours, but unfortunately I had to leave once it started getting dark to get ready for my own Halloween night festivities. I was able to catch a few events such as a beer chugging kinda race and the “muff diving,” along with people riding these impossible bikes around in a circle while avoiding wet foam cubes being tossed at them and a huge thick rope trying to trip them. It all sounds like a disaster but was still a ton of fun to try out and watch! I wish I could have stuck around for the bike jousting, I guess I will have to wait until the next event. Until then, you can check out more photos here!

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