Competitive Winter Picnicking

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Today I participated in my first ever winter picnic. However, it was a bit more interesting than your average summer picnic since this one happened to be competitive, and also costumed. From the organizers:

Competitive Winter Picnicking was an idea that, over a serious of confusing text messages and phone calls, sort of sprang to life all on its own – a sort of “exquisite corpse” of confusion. This is an idea that will not be denied.

I’m glad the confusion was had and there was an excuse to eat delicious food other people had made while enjoying fun costumes. Our team was Campfire Girls Grown Up, and we were Girl Scouts (or Brownies, if you want to get technical, since our sashes were brown. I got kicked out of Brownies in 3rd grade, so my GS knowledge is quite poor).


Our team on the sleeping bags we brought. Park rules do not allow tents, though we had one anyway.

We made our Girl Scout sashes either out of paper bags or brown fabric, and mine had merit badges for monster trucking, skydiving, shark archery, and alligator wrestling, among others. I am not much of a cook, but I did make thin mint brownies which everyone seemed to love. We tried to make cake in oranges and had a major Pinterest fail, but at least it gave us a pretty good reason to use the grill to make s’mores and to also keep warm. There were some teams that had really good food, and apparently the overall winner, Black Ladel (the Black Label bike group, who put on Bike Kill) made a type of brick oven and cooked pizza? I missed trying their food somehow, but there was one team of hobos that had an insanely exquisite spread. We said they should have been the fauxbos, get it? HA.

My favorite was a pancake flipping station, who also won one of the main awards. They made pancakes that you had to flip as high as you could, and also catch it! It’s harder than you think, haha. I especially like the animated gif above of me flipping a pancake and eating it! ;)

In the end, we won two awards! One was for Most Valiant Failed Attempt (for the previously mentioned cakes baked in an orange) and Best Pun (Judge: “Do you have any dishes that include meat for the Best Use of Meat award?” Colin the “Girl”scout: “Does my tuckback count as Best Use of Meat?” HA.) Not a bad end to a day of picnicking in the cold! I really enjoyed everyone’s costumes and certainly enjoyed eating everyone’s food! I hope this event turns into a biannual event (would love to participate in a costumed event that doesn’t take place in the winter, ahem, Idiotarod… haha)!

And see below for more photos from the event!

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