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Unintentionally matching the Weiner Mobile, Austin 2008


Heya! My name is Alix and welcome to my Good Times blog! I currently live in Bushwick, Brooklyn and have also lived in Boston, Nashville and Tokyo. I try and take advantage of the most fun, ridiculous and interesting things happening in the city as often as I can, so I figured I’d write about them to help me remember them, and to hopefully encourage more people to find an event they might not usually go to and get over how cool they think they are and just go and have fun! Living in New York especially, one can get caught up in a busy routine, so maybe this will motivate people to try and seek out some of the more unique, weird, ridiculous and amazing events that make this city so great! Or you can just live vicariously through this blog ;)

I travel, take photos, and see live music quite often, so there will also be a fair amount of those things popping up in here as well. I also like exclamation points!


People’s Choice Golden Gas Pump – Rental Car Rally: NYC to Montreal

Best Special Effects and Makeup – Idiotarod 2012: Cartmageddon

Overall Rating: 9.1

Third Place – Boston Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Latanya says:

    OMG! We were okgo friends, turned live journal friends, turned myspace friends. haha I was going thru old live journal accounts and came across yours and totally need to be in touch with you again. HAHA!

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