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Air Guitar Qualifier 2014

Posted on May 5, 2014 by

After photographing the US Air Guitar east coast qualifier a few years ago, and having been to a few other qualifiers in the years since, I wanted to shoot the extreme airsicians again as whenever I attend I always have a great time, smiles abound. It’s also fun seeing many of the same faces compete […]

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Rocket From the Crypt

Posted on April 3, 2014 by

Last night I saw Rocket From the Crypt for the first time, and it was awesome. I bought Live From Camp X-Ray at Virgin Records in Times Square on a chorus field trip in high school to some musical I don’t think I ended up really enjoying. This was right around the time or just […]

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Hap Birt To Me! Starring: The Hives

Posted on April 27, 2012 by

Yesterday, April 26th, was my half birthday. I don’t actually celebrate it, but I like to make myself aware that I’m half a year older, and that it’s only six more months until my birthday (time to start planning)! It was a pretty dreary day and there was a lot of work that I should […]

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The Notorious MSG

Posted on June 12, 2011 by

The other night I saw Notorious MSG, “The Original Chinatown Bad Boys” for the first time. I heard of them when they played a show with Peelander-Z in NY that I wasn’t able to attend, but a friend who was there said they were really fun and I should see them if I get a […]

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So Many Peelander

Posted on May 7, 2010 by

Last week, Peelander-Z played in Brooklyn again at the always fun Brooklyn Bowl (for those not from NY, it’s a bowling alley that doubles as a concert venue. You can bowl and watch the bands at the same time!). I hope by now you’re all familiar with this band, as I wrote about them the […]

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Counting Down the Hours

Posted on March 15, 2010 by

If you’ve been a casual reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I enjoy going to shows to see my favorite bands live. In fact, my new years resolution for 2006 was to attend 100 shows, which I barely made by going to 101! So you can imagine that seeing such a high amount […]

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CMJ 2009

Posted on October 23, 2009 by

This week has been lots of craziness as the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon has descended upon New York City! This year seems to be mostly about finding new bands and talent, since I haven’t heard of a majority of the bands that are playing this year. While it makes enthusiasm ahead of time a little […]

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SXSW 2009

Posted on March 28, 2009 by

I can finally think about SXSW last week without feeling exhausted! Below is just a fraction of the bands I saw. The week is such a blur that I’m already forgetting all the bands that I saw, both good AND bad! But I tried to provide links, pictures and video of all the bands I […]

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